Hi. My name is Andreas Düss. I am a Founder, a Marketer and an instigator of change.  I believe in knowing a lot about a little, in my case this is food and tech.

After starting my career at Ogilvy in London, UK, I worked in technology marketing at the Banner Corp, where we helped, in our small way, to give birth to the modern internet. 

I co-founded Publish & be damned (mainly to indulge my love for ampersands), an early automated self publishing service for authors. This kind of thing is everywhere now, but at the time we pushed all kinds of technological and attitudinal barriers. 

After moving to Canada, I co-founded Nourish Food Marketing, a full service marketing agency specializing in working for clients in the food and drinks industries. 

I am a visual thinker, so if you’re interested in some of the things I’ve done, check out the graphs below. If you put your mouse over the data, or your finger on mobile, it’ll tell you more detail. 


Where in the world I've worked

During my time at the Banner Corp I was responsible for the implementation of a global marketing campaign for Cisco Systems in the EMEA region. While I was based in London at the time, I would spend 8 months out of 12 living and working in countries all over Europe. Great times. 

How I spend my working time

Tech and food experience

My focus and productive time throughout the day

We have five productive hours available to us per day, where we can achieve deep work, or flow. Mine are early in the morning, which means I jealously guard this time from interruptions. 

The afternoon is good for meetings, admin and other low impact work. The evening works for reading and learning. 

What I listen to while working

Noise cancelling headphones by Bowers and Wilkins are a godsend in noisy environments. For music while working, I do rely on Spotify’s focus playlists. Another great option is Focus at Will, a neurohacking streaming service specifically for focus music.  

Sample playlists:

Tools I rely on

We all have tools that we rely on to do our work. Listed here, in order of time spent per day on average, are mine, from G-Suite for file storage and office work to my current favourite for intelligent keyword research, Answer the Public

Core Skills

I’ve worn many hats during my career, from Line Cook to Creative Director and Director of Broadcast. But what I love doing most is getting insight from data, which has pulled me back into a planning and strategic positions again and again.

If there’s one thing that has landed me in hot water ever now and then it’s my impatience. My natural inclination is to launch fast, break it and iterate, but I had to learn that this doesn’t always work and is certainly not always welcome. 


I rely heavily on audio books and podcasts for my daily learning session – I can jump onto the rowing machine for an early morning workout and listen to something to make me smarter at the same time. Here’s my current subscription list – happily mixed up with my kid’s favourite shows.

Get in touch

Opportunities, questions, disagreements, requests? Let me know, I won’t bite.